This might hurt a bit...


That time of the Month

Isn't it funny how different we women are?

Some of us just keep going without batting an eyelash.

Some cry and eat their weight in chocolate.

Me? I just grab a whip and beat the shit out of somebody.

Then I get out the needles.

House Rules: If I'm bleeding so are you!


I love the sound of screaming in the morning...

He should have known better than to fall asleep on me.

(Ok, pass out-- same thing.)

He should have known not to let go until I gave him permission.

He should have known I would punish him with his darkest fears.

And I did.

The table he lay strapped to could be moved into any position, including vertical. I adjusted it so he was upright.

I deliberately dropped a vial on the laboratory floor, leaving the broken glass scattered across the tile.

Then I got Enid here out of her cage and set her on the floor.

By morning she'd made her way up the ceiling and had begun dropping her way down on a strand of her beautiful spun silk.

When he woke, little Enid was hanging right in front of his eyes.

And she was hungry.

Don't fall asleep in my house.

You never know what's lurking in the corners.

~Your Nurse Most Perverse