This might hurt a bit...


It's not easy being evil....

Really, it's not.

Oh sure the desire to be evil is pretty natural. That comes as easily as blowing-- er breathing.

But how to do it?  What evil to which person? That's the hard part.

The ideas don't just fall out of the sky. It's hard work to research exactly what you need to do to achieve maxim suffering.

And I am very dedicated about it. 

So are my little guinea piggies. 

I love watching them squirm against the restraints as I perfect my latest torture techniques. They moan at the sight of the giant lube shooter, swoon when I bring out the needles, cry when I turn on the Zeus unit....

Such good boys.... and sometimes girls. ;) I'm an equal opportunity torturer.

One of these days I want to get Wild Cherry on my table. Her piercing make her a very interesting subject.

(Some day, my sweet. xox)

I love listening to the begging and the screams.

Does a girl good to inflict a little agony in the afternoon....

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